Blackburn Outdoor Airgun Club

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Blackburn Outdoor Airgun Club

Rules 2017

1) Members must wear their membership-card in full view at all times whilst on club premises.

2) BOAC membership fees are for the calendar year (1st Jan – 31st Dec) are due on 1st January each year

payable by the 29th February. Failure to do so will incur a joining fee of a further £15 on top of the

Annual Membership fee and a compulsory Safety Awareness Instruction before a membership is granted.

3) No shooting at animals or birds. And no shooting at or deliberately damaging trees.

4) No littering. Take your litter home please.

5) No dogs allowed.

6) BOAC shall be managed by the BOAC Committee Members. A quorum shall be a majority of the Committee Members, including at least one of the following Chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer.

7) Failure to comply with these rules and/or any unsafe behaviour may result in disciplinary action. The Committee may decide to revoke the person’s membership. The committee’s decision will be final.

8) The right is reserved to refuse entry to any competition or to stop from shooting or to enforce the departure from any part of the shoot any person breaking the rules or for any other reason without giving any reason or right to redress.

9) All persons and their property including vehicles are present at their own risk.

10) Always try to politely correct any unsafe practice you see, no matter whom.

11) All members must report any unsafe behaviour to a BOAC committee member.

12) When horses or pedestrians can be heard or seen down the lane it is courteous to cease firing, they are sensitive to the sharp crack of airguns.

13) DAWN until DUSK shooting starts at dawn and finishes at Dusk, (local time). NO LAMPS OR TORCHES

14) No BB’s or Ball Bearings to be used on the range.

15) All Guests must sign in whether shooting or not.

16) Guests who intend to shoot must pay the current Guests fee of £4.00

17) Guest must be signed in by a member who will be responsible for their conduct and must be made aware of the club rules. Misconduct of said guest may forfeit membership.

18) Junior Shooter / Persons under 18 years can only have (family) membership. Persons 18 years and over are required to join as full members on the first January after reaching 18 years.

19) Persons under 18 years are only permitted to shoot under the direct supervision of an adult over 21years of age, who cannot be shooting at the same time.

20) Fishing on the pond is for members only. They may bring a guest who must pay the £4.00 fee required.

21) Large hunting Knives, Machetes etc. Must Not Be Worn or on Display at the Range.

22) No smoking inside any of the sheds. Smoking will be permitted outside the sheds. This also includes the use of electronic cigarettes.


Please Note: The club’s annual general meeting will take place on the 3rd Sunday in November at 10:30 every year at the range, unless advertised otherwise on the notice board. Members Only.

All enquiries regarding specific rules should be directed to the committee.