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Events Calendar 2019

The Memorial Shoot 10/03/2019

The Alan Hancock Trophy

This shoot is when we remember any members who have sadly passed away and are no longer with us. In some respects it could be said that it is our Remembrance Day.
Members take part in a competition that anybody can win, it does not matter how good a shot you are.
The winner is presented with The Alan Hancock Trophy.
Alan was a member who was a great character within the club. After he sadly passed away, his family asked that we do something to remember him by.
As the years have passed we now look on this shoot as The Past Members Memorial Shoot.
A day when we reflect on the good times and memories that we hold.
Gone but not forgotten .

Sunday 15/09/2019 Charity Rifle Shoot.

This will consist of three events , with points awarded towards the Top Shot Trophy.
A HFT style event. (1st, 2nd , and 3rd prizes)
An Open sighted Spring Gun Event , open to any spring gun but must be used with open sights. (1st prize only)
A Duck Shoot (1st Prize only)
Please remember that entry to the competitions will cost £5 , this will allow entry in to all three.
All monies raised on the day, (Donations welcome) will go to the chosen charity.
The range will be open as normal for members that wish to come and shoot as usual even if not taking part in the fun shoot.
Free BBQ and Banter for everybody.

Fun Shoots.

The Club holds fun shoots each year. Both Rifle and Pistol, plus a Past Members Shoot . The September Rifle shoot is our Annual Charity Shoot where we raise money for local causes.

Rifle Shoots.
These usually consist of a HFT style event with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, plus 2 other events with just 1st prize.
The Rules will be clearly explained at the start of each event by the Events Co-Ordinator. If a shoot off takes place, competitors must use the same rifle that was used during the event.
1st. 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd. 1 point

Pistol Shoots
These consist of 3 events with just a 1st prize.
Example of events include The Blind Bull, Snooker, Darts , Suduko, Speed Shoot , Draw, and anything else that the devious Events Co-ordinator can dream up !
The Rules will be clearly explained by the Events Co-Ordinator at the start of each event.
Scopes and coloured dot sights will only be allowed to be used during a designated event . All other events must be shot with open sights. No Lasers.
1st 3 points

A League Table of Competitors scores is kept over the year with the highest scorer being awarded the Top Shot Trophy at the end of the year.








Rifle Memorial Shoot  Alan Hancock Trophy



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